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Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

What is Digital Dogsitter?

Digital Dogsitter is a web application that runs in a browser recording audio and images when your dog makes sounds. It shows a visual report of the day's events.

The application allows playing owner's voice automatically to the dog when she barks.

Doesn't my voice encourage the dog to bark more?

With most of our users, the application works and the dog calms down and stops barking and howling when hearing the familiar voice.

It is possible that your dog reacts differently and starts barking more. Therefore, you should practice and try and see how the method works with your dog.

It is not always necessary to use the voice feedback. You can also use the application to see the visual report of dogs days and how the situation evolves over longer period of time.

What if my dog never obeys my commands?

Dog's well-being in general is important for the Digital Dogsitter's effectiveness. It is affected by many things, including amount of activity and rest, feeding and so on. The relationship between the owner and the dog plays a crucial role when using Digital Dogsitter.

You can improve these things by getting familiar with positive reinforcement training methods and dogs' breed specific needs. Digital Dogsitter aims to support dog's general well-being by making the alone time more relaxed.

What if my dog barks continuously?

When the barking starts, Digital Dogsitter plays an owner's voice command once. If the barking continues without any breaks, a new command is played every seven seconds, maximum of six times, after which the application stops playing any voice commands to avoid a shouting contest with the dog. Once the barking has stopped, the application can start playing the voice commands again.

Requirements and usage

What do I need to use it?

  • A Computer or an Android mobile device
  • Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Ensure that the device does not go to sleep mode

Additionally, an external microphone and speakers may improve the results, but are not absolutely necessary.

Digital Dogsitter runs in laptop and desktop computers with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems. It also runs in most of the mobile devices, but on mobile the operation is not as reliable as with computers. Therefore, we recommend running it in a computer if possible.

Does it work without internet connection?

Digital Dogsitter works without internet connection, if you connect before starting and ending the session.

The application does not loose any events, but may loose audio and images if the browser runs out of storage space and there is no internet connection. Usually, the storage space is not a problem in a laptop with amble free space in the hard drive, if it is connected after the session to synchronize and free the storage space. In mobile devices the storage space can run out quickly.

Does it work in iPhone or iPad?

The recording and watch features do not work in iOS devices. You can use iPhone or iPad as a remote device to check the situation at home, but at the moment iOS does not support audio features in any browser.

We have plans for Digital Dogsitter iOS application that can also record audio and images, but we can't make any promises on the schedule.

How do I prevent my device from entering sleep mode?

On mobile devices, do not turn the screen off from the power button. No-sleep -feature (enabled at Device settings page) keeps on the Android device screen, and thus the whole device, as long as you don't turn it off yourself.

Your device must be configured to not enter sleep mode. Also, make sure that your device is connected to a power source.

Usually you can prevent the sleep mode from you operation system's settings under display or energy saving options.

Here are some instruction links for most common systems:

Can I trust the application?

Our goal is an application that you can trust 100%. We constantly improve the software to make it robust and reliable, and at minimum to inform the user if something would go wrong and it were to be off for some reason.

If you encounter any incorrect behaviour or suspect that the application has been working unreliably, please inform us with details so we can inspect the problem and improve the service.

User account and payment methods

What payment methods can I use?

You can by a subscription or a license with a debit or credit card, or with PayPal.

We recommend that you by a recurring subscription with debit or credit card at buy page. In that case the payments are handeld by Stripe. If you want to pay with PayPal, click "Choose another payment method" -link at the bottom of the payment box.

How can I end my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at Subscriptions page by clicking "End Subscription" button. The service will still be available for you until the end of the current billing period. After cancelling, you can renew your subscription any time.

I have a new credit/debit card, how do I update it?

You can update your card details at Subscriptions page by clicking "Update Credit/Debit Card" button.


Can I see a video of my dog?

You will soon be able to watch a timelapse video of your dog's day.

We are also planning a possibility to watch video of the moment, either as a short clip or as a video call.

If you have wishes regarding these (or any other) features, we would love to hear more. Don't hesitate to contact

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