Tips for improving video quality

In addition to audio, Digital Dogsitter can also record video of your dog being alone. However, to guarantee a good and clear image quality, you should keep a few things in mind.

Regardless of the device or camera you use, one of the most important things when recording a video is adequate lighting of the space. No camera on the market can shoot a clear and grain-free image in the dark (except for infrared cameras), so the better quality video you want to record, the more light should enter the room from windows and lighting.

Dog in light

Almost every digital device nowadays has some kind of camera, but there are big differences between different devices and cameras. The newer the device, the better the quality of the camera usually is. Separate web cameras are also available for computers (laptops and desktop computers), which can be connected either via a USB cable or a wireless connection. In most cases, a separate camera enables the best image quality. In addition to better image quality, with a separate camera it is also possible to position the camera more freely.

For most mobile devices and laptop cameras, there are also field of view widening lenses available that can be attached to the camera. In this way you can get a better view of a large room, which normally a camera with a rather narrow field of view would not be able to see.

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