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What is it?

  • An easy way to see how your dog is doing at home
  • The friendliest way to calm down your dog when left alone
  • A proven tool to help in separation training and to stop barking

Digital Dogsitter is a web application that runs in a browser recording audio and images when your dog makes sounds. It shows a visual report of the day's events.

The application allows playing owner's voice automatically to the dog when she barks.

You can view and listen to the recordings afterwards or even during the day from your mobile phone. You get a visual report of the events for each day and past month so you can see how the situation evolves over longer period of time.

Digital Dogsitter runs with laptop and desktop computers (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) and with most mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android). All you need is a modern web browser (tested with Chrome and Firefox). On Apple mobile devices, the audio recording features work on iOS 14+ versions.

Frequently asked questions

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