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The Story

Digital Dogsitter was developed to solve a real problem. Juuso's Welsh Corgi, Väinö, was suffering from separation anxiety when he was younger. The situation got worse when we moved to a new apartment and none of the available methods of treatment seemed to help.

We wanted to find a friendly way to cure dog separation anxiety, finally coming up with an idea of Digital Dogsitter.

After building a prototype of the product, Väinö's problem was gone in less than a week. We created a beta-version and inspired by its success decided to make an easy-to-use software for everybody.

Väinö, a dog with separation anxiety

Who Are We?

The dog behind Digital Dogsitter

Väinö, the dog behind the idea

Väinö is a Welsh Corgi who enjoys long walks in the forest and fetching stick. Nothing beats playtime with his dog friends.

Juuso Kaari

Juuso is the father of the idea and designer of the Digital Dogsitter. Juuso likes to do all sorts of nerdy stuff and to play StarCraft.

Eero Mäkelä

Eero takes care of the implementation and running of the service and appreciates a good cup of quality tea.

Jenny Jalonen

Jenny is responsible for the dog training instructions and the views on behavior analysis. In addition to training animals and animal trainers, she plays the ukulele and knits wool socks.

Outi Kivimäki

Outi helps as an expert with all things related to dog well-being and training. Crows, listening to tube radio and camping with a whippet poodle are things that make Outi happy.

Emma Kaari

Emma Kaari

Emma instructs and helps with the use of Digital Dogsitter and answers your questions. She likes to go to the theater and is a fan of Harry Potter.

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