Lance 3 years old
3 years old

My 3-year-old Siberian Husky was diagnosed with inherited epilepsy, which made him more anxious and fearful. Being alone got nearly impossible as the dog could not calm down, and barked the whole day long.

Dogsitter was a huge relief to us, and Lance learned how to calm down listening to my voice. Nowadays the dog copes being alone for a full workday, but I keep monitoring him with the software because of the epilepsy.

Thank you for the great work on this software! It really saved us, the dog and the neighbors!

Teija & Lance

Poju 6 years old
6 years old

After moving into a new apartment with my two dogs, I found out that one of them was barking all the time while I was away. First I tried an ultrasound non-bark collar with no effect, followed by lemon spray one that only made the situation worse.

I heard about Digital Dogsitter from a friend of mine and the results were already noticeable the day after! Couple of days the dog was barking from time to time, but then it stopped.

Keep on going, and thank you for this software!

Tommi & Poju

Musti 1 year old
1 year old

After our dog lost his dear friend, the neighbors told us that he is noisy when left alone. We recorded Musti and figured out that he was howling almost non-stop when we were away.

First we bought several chew- and activation toys for him, which were no use. Then we bought an ultrasound non-bark device, but it actually encouraged the dog to howl more. We also tried different kind of calming supplements and training exercises, but none of this provided permanent solution.

Then we found Digital Dogsitter. Starting the software was easy and recording the audio clips worked nicely. In a week Musti learned to calm down and not to howl when alone. Now he barks only a couple of times per day, in which case the program tells him not to.

Digital Dogsitter worked for us way better than the other options.

Sara & Musti


We have been extremely satisfied with Digital Dogsitter. It was easy to get started and it's fast to set up when leaving the dog alone.

When returning home, it's comforting to know whether my dog has been barking alone or not, and how long it took for him to relax.

Great invention!

Saara & Zaba

Ronja 3 years old
3 years old

When our dog Ronja was younger, she had some separation anxiety issues despite all the different types of training we tried, and the anxiety showed in the form of constant howling and barking. Our neighbour suggested that we should try Digital Dogsitter, and it worked like charm!

Already after the first two days the log showed the barking and howling had reduced significantly, and soon it had stopped completely. When we moved to a new apartment she started barking and getting anxious again, but when we started using Digital Dogsitter again, the problem went away.

It's great to come home and notice that instead of barking and being anxious, the dog has spent her time relaxing and sleeping, not stressing out and yelling. Makes both the dog and the owners feel better!

Atte & Ronja

Dali 8 years old
8 years old

Dali used to be a stray dog in Vyborg, and ever since she moved in with us when she was around three and a half years old, she has suffered from separation anxiety. In the beginning she had a serious anxiety attack even if the tried to take out the trash, and she would panic the minute you tried to leave the apartment.

We tried everything, from alone time treatment to lemon collar and thunder shirt, but nothing seemed to fix the problem. At best, they mildly soothed her for a moment, until the panic struck again.

After we found Digital Dogsitter, the whole situation changed. Every now and then there's a single lone bark recorded, but usually Dali doesn't bark even once when she's alone! She's also a lot calmer when we get home, and the program has helped us in a massive way, and both the dog and the owners are a lot happier and more relaxed these days.

Thank you so much for that!

Kirsi, Henri & Dali

Isla 2 years old
2 years old

Isla is a two year old short-haired dachshund. Our neighbours complained about her constant howling and barking when we weren't home, and despite all the different exercises and training the situation didn't improve at all.

We ended up trying all sorts of different exercises to treat separation anxiety, like morning sniffing exercises, activation toys, pheromone dispensers, thunder shirt, ultrasound collar, limited space exercise, radio and eventually even the separation anxiety treatment medication prescribed by a vet. And all with no results. We were wasting money on treatments and exercises that didn't work, and the anxiety stressed out both the owners and the dog.

I ran into Digital Dogsitter in a Facebook conversation that took place in a group about dachshunds. We decided to give it a try, but never really expected any improvements as result due to the previous failures. The happy surprise after the first try was an enormous relief, because the results were staggering! After a few tries to howl in the morning, Isla had completely calmed down thanks to Digital Dogsitter. We continued using the program for a few more months, and eventually we didn't even need to use it anymore, as we came home to a well-rested and cheerful little dachshund girl.

For us the Digital Dogsitter has been a huge help, and I've recommended the program for everyone who has a dog going through separation anxiety. Even though the daily need of using Digital Dogsitter has passed, we have thought about using it in a case of moving to a new home, living in a hotel and other situations that could cause Isla to be uneasy and anxious.

Isla & Anna

Sauli 1 year old
1 year old

My one year old miniature Pinscher, Sauli, had my neighbor approaching me with a letter. Totally unaware of any issues, I was shocked to hear that she can't sleep in the morning as my dog is barking onwards from 5:30 am. That's when I left for work every day.

I contacted a dog trainer that helped the situation a little, but still the neighbors had a reason to complain about my dog being too noisy.

I was helpless. Then I found Digital Dogsitter and this small and simple software stopped my dog from barking instantly. Why didn't I find this software the day I heard about the problem? It would have saved me months of stress and fear of getting evicted.

Digital Dogsitter has relieved my worries about the well being of my dogs - and my neighbors too!

Marika & Sauli


One year ago, my neighbor told me that my dog Nella was howling occasionally when alone. We were living in an apartment building, so the situation was urgent.

First I tried to get rid of the problem with training, exercise, and general dog activation. We also tried an ultrasound non-bark collar. None of the methods really helped us. Then I found Digital Dogsitter and decided to try out the beta-version.

The program worked and Nella was silenced by my voice every time she barked or howled. After each time we used Digital Dogsitter, Nella was howling less. I must say the program has worked excellently for us.

Jonna & Nella

Repo 1 year old
1 year old

I've been very happy with Digital Dogsitter. The program has helped my dog with separation anxiety, and he doesn't bark anymore when left alone.

I put the program back on every time I leave him alone, because every now and then Repo might bark a little when left alone, and the program responds to his barking with a calming voice.

With Repo even the setting up of the program sooths him already. He doesn't mind being left alone at all once I test the microphone and make sure the audio plays at the right volume level. If I take the trash out without setting up the Digital Dogsitter, Repo starts getting nervous already and barks anxiously. The program has saved me from a lot of nerve wrecking barking and stress moments.

Ville & Repo


I have two small dogs, Rolli and Hugo, who kept constantly barking after we moved to a new home. I tried every solution I could find, but nothing seemed to work. They both just kept barking and howling like it was a competition.

Digital Dogsitter was the last solution I tried, and thankfully it worked perfectly. The program allows me to easily monitor how my dogs had been doing for the day, and whether or not they were barking when I was gone. It allows me to keep the neighbours happy and my dogs relaxed.

Thank you for your splendid product, I can finally stop worrying and thinking if my neighbours are able to sleep at all in the morning.

Anu & The Boys

Zona 1 year old
1 year old

We adopted Zona when she was about five months old, and immediately after we got her home we noticed she had some separation anxiety issues. Whether we were gone for 15 minutes or five hours, if she was home alone she would bark constantly, pee on the floor, drool all over the place and destroy his own bed. We tried many different things to help us out, but nothing really worked.

The first time we tried Digital Dogsitter, Zona barked twice and more importantly, did not pee anywhere. We've been using the program for two months now, and the barking has gone down to a normal level, and there's no more drooling or peeing inside.

With Digital Dogsitter we don't have to pay for the dog day care, which Zona didn't even like. We, my husband and I, are very relieved to have found a real help to a serious problem, and Zona has gotten so much happier over the last two months that it brings joy to all of our lives!

Erin & Zona

Sissi, Ariel and Memmu
Sissi, Ariel
and Memmu

I have a herd of three little dogs here at home, and when we moved from the countryside to an apartment in the city it took some changes for both me and the dogs, as we've had to learn to live a bit quitter life every day.

Digital Dogsitter was referred to me by a friend of mine who has been using it for some time now. The program worked extremely well with my dogs, and I've been really happy with it!

When I leave my dogs at home alone, it is nice to be able to listen to who's been barking, for how long and when did they bark. You can really follow the progress and check up on your dogs after you come home, and that's all thanks to Digital Dogsitter.

Meeri & Girls


We moved to an apartment building in a new city, and once coming back from the morning shift at work I noticed a note on the door of our stairway that said: "Whose dog is it that is constantly barking all day starting from 7am? Could we please agree that this was the last time that happened?"

In all the stress and panic I tried to find a solution for Kira's separation anxiety. I wondered if an Adaptil dispenser would work, or if the pet store recommended natural products would have an effect. Well they didn't. We also considered a lemon collar, but gladly we didn't get to buying one.

We found the Digital Dogsitter website and absolutely loved the concept behind the program. It has ever since the first try worked perfectly, and Kira has turned into a calm and relaxed little miss sunshine.

This program has been a lifesaver, thank you so much for that!

Kira & Johanna

Sopo 4 years old
4 years old

The problem appeared when the neighbours told me that Sopo was barking restlessly during the day when left alone.

I tried different ambient sounds to calm Sopo during the day, leaving on the radio for example, and it had absolutely no effect. I also tried several recommended products for relieving separation anxiety, like a lemon collar, but Sopo barked it empty in a single day. I also found a collar that responded to Sopo's barking with a voice, but it was a poorly designed collar that responded in a faint and crackling voice. Nothing. An ultrasound collar came the closest to providing a solution, but it ran out of batteries faster than expected, and did not provide a long-term solution for the problem. From jogging to snacks, I tried everything without an effect.

I found the Digital Dogsitter recommendation from fellow dog owners online, and decided to give it a try when a dog trainer told me it actually had worked for many of their clients. I bought a simple microphone and a pair of small speakers for the computer, and turned on the program. I recorded commands like "No barking" and "Quiet" and to my surprise it was a real simple process all in all.

When I came home from work after the first day of using Digital Dogsitter, I was positively surprised! The log showed Sopo had only barked twice during the whole day! I couldn't believe my eyes, and the next day I put another recording to operate alongside Digital Dogsitter and the day passed without a single bark! The next time Sopo barked was after three weeks, and the one after that took six weeks.

The neighbours and I couldn't believe the results, and I highly recommend Digital Dogsitter for anyone with similar problems!

Sopo & Taina

Meri 10 years old
10 years old

I tried the trial version of the program when we moved from a detached house to an apartment building, and the dog kept barking all day, angering the neighbours living near us. I tried a pheromone collar, then Thundershirt, and finally Digital Dogsitter. On the third day of using Digital Dogsitter, Meri stopped her barking completely!

Right before Christmas we moved again, and I had to start the separation anxiety resolving from the beginning, but this time using only Digital Dogsitter. The program worked like charm again, and in short I've been very happy with this program. It takes a lot kinder and gentler approach than an electric collar for example, which in my opinion just increases the fear levels for the dog.

Kaisa & Meri


We moved to a new house approximately six months ago, and our dog Luna stayed home and barked all day when I was at work. This never happened in our previous home, but the neighbours were understandably getting irritated by the constant barking that was going on. I found your program online and decided to give it a try.

Already after the first day of using it the barking was reduced by a few hours, and after a week she didn't bark at all. For the next month and a half we kept using Digital Dogsitter just to be sure, and now Luna doesn't bark anymore when left alone.

At least for our dog this program worked like a charm, so thank you for that!

Juuso & Luna


I heard from my neighbour that my dog is barking a lot during the day when left alone, and especially during the fake pregnancy the dog was near impossible to calm down when left alone. I tried a collar which was supposed to stop her from barking, but it didn't solve the problem. She still kept howling, which is when I got a recommendation for Digital Dogsitter from a friend.

It was easy to set up, and provides an excellent way of monitoring and correcting the dog's behaviour during the day. I especially like the feature that allows you to moderate the sensitivity of sounds it reacts to.

The results came fast and Mila is not troubled by being left alone anymore.

Anni & Mila

Milly 3 years old
3 years old

I've been very satisfied with the program as a whole. It has made a big difference for my separation anxiety suffering dog, and she calms down instantly when the program plays my recorded voice.

In addition to that, the program has provided me with peace of mind, knowing I can check up on my dog after work, and that she is not afraid and anxious anymore. The neighbours are also a lot happier these days.

Thank you for the excellent and affordable program!

Satu & Milly

Stina 3 years old
3 years old

My dog (a Belgian shepherd) suffered of a sever separation anxiety as a puppy and a youngster. The uneasiness showed as barking, howling and destroying everything. I tried every method recommended to by professionals everywhere to treat separation anxiety, like pheromone and collars, but nothing worked. That's when I heard about Digital Dogsitter.

The anxiety had gone on for a year, and came to a complete stop when I tried the trial version of the program. Already starting from the first day alone with the program, my dog completely calmed down. When she would bark, the program plays the recording of my "Quiet" command, and she returns to being relaxed.

I also use Digital Dogsitter when travelling alone with my dog. I can easily leave her into the hotel room or wherever I happen to be, and she can relax and get some sleep, because the program makes sure her anxiety levels will stay down.

Digital Dogsitter has cured my dog from separation anxiety, saved me from constant worrying and stress and allowed the neighbours to live in peace and quiet. I sincerely recommend Digital Dogsitter to every dog owner, even if your dog is not suffering from separation anxiety, because it will honestly make your dog calmer and more relaxed than ever!

Stina & Sallamaari

Tiuhti 4 years old
4 years old

We didn't have any problems when leaving the dog alone for the first two years we had Tiuhti, but when she was two years old, a puppy moved in to keep her company. That's when the separation anxiety started. Apparently she was getting confused by the new comer in the house, and went from a calm alone stayer to a nine hours straight barking neighbours' headache.

A friend of mine recommended Digital Dogsitter to me by sending me a link to their website on Facebook. I had my doubts in the beginning, because the solution seemed too simple and easy to really have a working effect, but since the trial is free I decided to give it a chance. I recorded some calming speech to the program, where I told my dog everything is fine, and asked her to be quiet. After the week's trial, our home turned into a peaceful non-barking environment! It's truly astonishing how fast the program works!

After six months of using Digital Dogsitter, I was able to completely stop using it, because the recordings were absolutely quiet, no barking whatsoever. When we moved, I started using Digital Dogsitter again to help keep my dog calm again, and it worked. At the moment I buy a license for a month every now and then, when I need to leave her home for a longer period of time than one day.

I can honestly recommend Digital Dogsitter for everyone who has a dog suffering from separation anxiety, because I think it's affordable, and most importantly, it makes the dog feel calm and relaxed when you aren't home. On top of that, it also tells you what your dog has been up to barking and howling wise. That was the help Tiuhti needed, because it couldn't possibly be a satisfying experience for a dog to be panicking for nine straight hours!

Tiuhti & Saara

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