What Is Digital Dogsitter?

Digital Dogsitter is an online application and service that helps with dog separation anxiety and other separation-related problems. The service provides information and support for the dog’s alone time and separation training, taking into account their background and situation. The application makes it easy to keep track of how much your dog makes noise, what they do, and how their skills in being alone develop over time.

Digital Dogsitter can also play the owner’s voice feedback to the dog when the volume exceeds a set threshold level. The voice feedback is a soothing phrase that is familiar to the dog and works as a cue for them to calm down. Many dogs benefit from having their barking interrupted by the owner’s reassuring instruction.

Often, regardless of the chosen training methods, treating separation-related problems and separation anxiety doesn't happen in the blink of an eye. Every dog is an individual, and the causes of the problems are also specific to each dog. However, Digital Dogsitter and the owner voice feedback function have both proven to be effective and dog-friendly ways to alleviate separation-related problems.

2015 Survey feedback pie chart

Satisfaction survey

In the spring of 2015, we conducted a satisfaction survey on our users around the world, and the feedback was very positive. In fact, 85% of respondents were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with Digital Dogsitter’s functionality overall.

We regularly ask our users how likely they are to recommend the service to their friends or colleagues. Of the several hundred respondents, about 70% say they are very likely to make a recommendation.

User stories

We've asked our users to send us their experiences in the form of short text clips. It has been a great pleasure to see how Digital Dogsitter has helped a wide variety of individuals already. Read more here!

We also get daily feedback from our users who say the program has made it much easier for their dog to be alone.

How does Digital Dogsitter work?

Digital Dogsitter runs on a web browser. You need a computer, tablet, or a phone to use it. The program listens for sounds through the device's microphone. When the volume level exceeds the set threshold, the event is recorded. Event information, sounds, and images can be viewed remotely as well as later on the history page.

You can watch and listen to events remotely from your phone, too. You can also set up a video connection to your home to see what’s going on right at that moment. Additionally, the live video connection allows you to talk to your dog in real time.

Voice feedback

Digital Dogsitter lets you play instant voice feedback to your dog whenever they bark or howl. The threshold level can be set separately from the program, and the owner's voice feedback is played when it is reached. The event is also recorded. Before using the voice feedback feature, take the Symptom Survey for Voice Feedback and read the instructions for Using Voice Feedback in Dog Training.

Using voice feedback is not always necessary. The application can also be used to see a report of the dog’s alone time and the development of the situation over time. Why not train your dog to be alone and see how this method works for them?

We'd also love to hear your experiences and feedback on using Digital Dogsitter so that we can further improve the service.

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