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Do you know what your dog is doing when home alone? Are they barking while you are away? When you can't check on your dog, leaving them home alone can be very stressful.

Digital Dogsitter provides a real-time video connection to check on your dog. Moreover, it intelligently records your dog’s actions throughout the day. This allows you to get a comprehensive overview of your dog’s day without having to manually browse through hours of video.

You can try out Digital Dogsitter for free with our 5-day trial, no commitment or credit card required. Digital Dogsitter is the easiest and most versatile way to keep track of your dog's time alone.

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Why should You monitor Your dog?

While training your dog to stay home alone, it is essential to know how they are doing and for how long they are comfortable being alone.

This app is essential for owners of new puppies, dogs with separation-related problems, and dogs you suspect may be experiencing anxiety issues. That being said, even dogs that don't experience these issues should be checked in on now and then!

Dog at home with Digital Dogsitter

If you want to keep a close eye on your beloved dog, even when separated, you've come to the right place. With the guidance of dozens of dog well-being experts, this innovative app is helping people understand their dogs' behavioral patterns and giving them the tools they need to keep their dog relaxed when home alone.

Why choose Digital Dogsitter?

You need only a single device

You don’t need multiple devices. A single device is enough to record your dog. Using multiple devices is also possible if you prefer!

Works offline

Digital Dogsitter is a cloud-based pet monitor application, but it also works offline if you don’t have a reliable internet connection at home.

No up-front costs

It costs you absolutely nothing to try Digital Dogsitter. After the 5-day free trial, you can buy a subscription for $8 / month.

Helps with dog training

Digital Dogsitter is about much more than just the software. With our dog welfare surveys and articles, you can gain real insight into your dog's separation-related problems.

No installation required

The solution works straight from your web browser, with no installation required. Setting it up takes only a few clicks, and you can instantly see what your dog is doing while they're home alone.

Developed with dog professionals

We aim to provide the best possible help for dogs, so Digital Dogsitter is created in cooperation with the top separation anxiety experts.

Easy to setup pet monitor

It's very easy to use, working exclusively from your web browser with no installation required. Setting it up only takes a few clicks, and then you can instantly see what your dog is doing while they're home alone.

Get started with 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Start your free trial

Start your free 5-day trial using the form at the bottom of this page. Remember to verify your email address so we know it's you!

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Step 2

Click START to activate Digital Dogsitter at home.

Use any device with a camera (a laptop computer, mobile phone, iPad...) to log into Digital Dogsitter with Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser. Then just click the Start button and the app starts recording video of your dogs' day.

Monitoring your dog

Step 3

Open up the video connection from your phone. It's that easy.

On your phone, open a web browser and log into Digital Dogsitter. Click Start video call and see your dog in real-time.

Live video connection to your dog

The most versatile dog monitor application

Unlike other dog camera solutions, Digital Dogsitter will store your recorded events securely as long as you need them. You can then easily browse through the current day's footage and compare it with footage from the previous week.

Using the data it gathers about your dog's behavior, the application creates concise graphs and reports on both a daily and monthly basis. You can then use these graphs to help you with various aspects of the dog training process.

History view in Digital Dogsitter

Join our happy and growing group of users and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Digital Dogsitter.

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Try out Digital Dogsitter for free

  • The most versatile dog camera application
  • An easy way to see how your dog is doing at home alone
  • A proven tool to help in separation anxiety training

Want to know more?

Check out the introduction, read Our Story and the Frequently Asked Questions.

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