What is it?

Digital Dogsitter is an easy tool to help you see how your dog is doing at home. It is the most dog friendly option to help your dog learn to stay home alone. It was developed not only to silence the dog but to cure the issue behind the symptoms.

How does it work?

Digital Dogsitter listens to your dog 1) Digital Dogsitter listens to your dog while you are away
Application shows how your dog is doing home alone 2) It shows how your dog is doing home alone
Your voice calms down the dog 3) You can also calm your dog with your own voice


Digital Dogsitter has already helped thousands of users from around the world. Here you can find some of the stories our users have sent us.

Is this for me?

Does your dog bark when home alone?

Do you want to know how your dog is doing when you are away?

Do you have a new puppy?

Do your neighbours complain about your dog's barking?

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety?

Are you looking for an alternative to a bark collar or medication?

Do you need help with training your dog to stay home alone?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then yes, this is for you. Read on or sign up and try it.


Screenshot of the web UI that shows how your dog is doing Screenshot of the camera view Screenshot of your own voice recordings list Screenshot of the event player view Screenshot of the history view showing the last month's situation Screenshot of the history view with on day expanded

What is Digital Dogsitter?

Digital Dogsitter is a very easy web application that helps with training your dog to stay home alone.

The performance of the application is based on tracking the sound and location of the dog when he is alone. The software also allows to record the owners voice and play it to the dog to calm him down.

Unlike many other products, Digital Dogsitter is designed to alleviate the symptoms of isolation and separation distress in a natural way - not only the symptoms.

With an easy-to-read log, you can find out what your dog is doing alone. This will help you to choose the correct actions and exercises.

Based on the feedback from our customers, we know that Digital Dogsitter has helped thousands of dogs to cope with separation anxiety.

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