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Making separation training easier

We understand how stressful it is having a dog with separation anxiety, but we also recognize that being a separation anxiety trainer can be even more challenging. Digital Dogsitter is here to help.

For over a decade, we've assisted thousands of dogs and their owners in overcoming separation-related issues with Digital Dogsitter. We acknowledge that dog owners often require additional support from professional trainers throughout this process.

If you're reading this, you're likely well-acquainted with the technical hurdles of separation anxiety training—particularly the difficulty of observing a dog's behavior when left alone. After thorough research and development, we've crafted a suite of tools specifically designed to help trainers and their clients tackle separation anxiety more effectively and seamlessly.


Inka Juntheikki

"I have been using Digital Dogsitter as a separation anxiety trainer for over a year now, and it has proven to be a very effective tool. The service makes it easy for my clients to share videos, and both of us have access to the entire video library and recorded training sessions. This allows me to know exactly when clients have practiced with their dogs and when there have been actual alone times.

One of the best features is the automatic raw analysis of longer training sessions and alone times. I can quickly see if the dog has been anxious or made noise, which makes assessing situations much easier. Additionally, videos are quick to review, even if they cover several hours of alone time.

Digital Dogsitter has made my work smoother and helped me support my clients more effectively."

- Inka Juntheikki, animal trainer

Key features

Session sharing image

Hassle-free record sharing

Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of video sharing. Your clients can effortlessly share video recordings with you in just a single click, bypassing the need for manually uploading files to third-party services or sending links.

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Intelligent timelapse

Digital Dogsitter will automatically fast-forward everything other than the most interesting parts of the day, so you don't have to spend your working hours going through hours of footage

Recording notes and comments screenshot

Collaborative training diary

Enhance communication with a shared training diary. You can directly comment on your clients' training sessions, offer targeted advice, or assign homework. Likewise, dog owners can note their progress, choosing to share these insights with you. Both of you can see the clear visual reports on the dog’s progress.

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Easy client management

Our platform centralizes all of your clients into a single view, allowing you to quickly access profiles, review the history and progress of each dog, and examine shared training videos. This consolidated client management tool saves time and enhances your ability to monitor and guide your clients’ training efforts effectively.

Remote training made easy

Online platforms like Zoom, WhatsApp, and online spreadsheets have opened new doors for trainers to work more flexibly and reach dogs in need, no matter where they are. But let's be honest, having all the data scattered between apps and tools can get pretty tiring, and it takes away from the time and energy we'd rather put into helping dogs and their owners.

That's where Digital Dogsitter comes in. We're all about making things smoother for you and your clients. Cutting down on the tech hassle means you can help more dogs and have a bigger impact. It's not just good for your business; it's great for the dogs and people you work with, making everyone's lives a bit easier.

Also, getting started with new clients or just checking things out before diving into full-on training shouldn't be a headache. With Digital Dogsitter, you can quickly get new clients set up and do an initial assessment without any fuss. It's all about giving you the flexibility to work your magic in the best way for each dog.

How it works

What Is Digital Dogsitter?

Digital Dogsitter is an online platform designed to support dog trainers and owners in managing and overcoming separation anxiety. By leveraging technology, we provide a seamless way to record, share, and analyze dogs' behavior when they are alone, helping to have a more data driven and effective separation training process.

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps


Create Your Account

Sign up on the Digital Dogsitter platform. It's quick, easy, and gives you access to all the tools you need to start supporting your clients more effectively.


Invite Your Clients

Once your account is set up, you can invite your clients to join Digital Dogsitter. They'll receive an email invitation to create their own account, from where they can start recording their dog's behavior based on your guidance.


Review and Advise

When your clients record their videos, you can instantly see how they are doing. You can easily view their recordings, analyze the behavior, and provide feedback or assign homework directly through the platform.


Completely free for trainers

At Digital Dogsitter, we recognize that effectively solving separation anxiety requires the expertise of professionals in the field. Thus, we're committed to empowering trainers like you with the right tools, at no cost, because we believe this is the best way to make a real difference in the lives of dogs and their owners.

Digital Dogsitter trainer program

Typically, Digital Dogsitter is available to dog owners at $8 per month. However, we've introduced a special trainer program that allows you to offer the first month of Digital Dogsitter for free to all your clients. This makes it even easier for you to get your clients started on their journey to managing separation anxiety with their dogs.

Joining in our trainer program not only removes the cost barrier for your clients to hop on using Digital Dogsitter, but also gives you access to all other trainer benefits including priority support from our team and the opportunity to be featured as a recommended trainer on our list.

Ready to try it out?

Try out the Digital Dogsitter application today and join us on our mission to revolutionize separation anxiety training.

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