Train your dog to stay home alone. With love

Digital Dogsitter is the easiest way to track your dog's behavior when they're home alone.

Digital Dogsitter introduction video
Introduction Video

What is Digital Dogsitter?

An easy to use app that combines:
  • Recording the dog’s time alone
  • Monitoring the dog’s progress
  • Remote communication
  • Best training practices
4.5 / 42 responses

Supported operating systems: Windows, OSX, iOS (14+), Android, Linux

Why Hoomans use Digital Dogsitter?

cute dog

Helps with separation anxiety

Digital Dogsitter helps you with diagnosing, monitoring and solving separation anxiety problems in a dog friendly-way.

capture dog images

Capture priceless moments

Digital dogsitter turns your webcam or mobile device into a great dog camera. You will never miss a moment.

girl looking at a phone

Peace of mind

We know how stressful it can be to leave your dog alone. With Digital Dogsitter, you can check how your pup is doing, wherever you are.

dog looking out the window

Neighbor relations

Dog barking can cause headaches in the neighborhood. With Digital Dogsitter, you always know exactly when your dog has been noisy.

Super easy to use

Anybody can start using Digital Dogsitter even with very little technical knowledge.

Lisa shows how you can set up Digital Dogsitter in 2 minutes.

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    Want to try it out right now?

    What Digital Dogsitter will do for you

    Screenshot of the web UI that shows how your dog is doing

    Recording audio & video

    Digital Dogsitter intelligently records your fluffy friend's actions throughout the day. You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment or manually browse through hours of video. You can start and stop recording with a single click.

    Screenshot of the event player view

    Intelligent timelapse

    Digital Dogsitter will automatically fast-forward everything other than the most interesting parts of the day, so you don't have to review endless footage of nothing much.

    Screenshot of the video call to your dog

    Video call with your dog

    Tired of having to wait until the end of the day to see what your dog has been up to? With Digital Dogsitter, you can check on your dog whenever you want through a video call. You can see how your dog is doing and also talk to your furry friend in real time.

    Secure cloud icon image

    Secure cloud storage

    Digital Dogsitter will store your recorded events securely in cloud servers so that you can get to the data whenever and wherever you want. Modern online encryption and backups will ensure your data will be safe and sound.

    Screenshot of the history view showing the month and day graphs

    History view

    Using the data it gathers about your dog's behavior, the application creates concise graphs and reports on a daily and monthly basis. You can use these graphs to help you with various aspects of the dog training process.

    Screenshot of your own voice feedback recordings list

    Voice feedback to your dog

    Digital Dogsitter can also play the owner’s voice feedback to the dog when the volume exceeds a set threshold level. The voice feedback offers a soothing phrase that is familiar to the dog and works as a cue for them to calm down.

    Remote control in action

    Remote control

    To remotely control Digital Dogsitter at home, simply log in to Digital Dogsitter with another device. Remote connection not only helps you discover instantly how your dog is doing, but also lets you change home device settings, like the audio recording threshold and voice feedback.

    Articles and surveys screenshot

    Personalized training tips

    Digital Dogsitter keeps up with your dog’s situation and progress and gives you personalized and targeted information on how you can improve your dog’s experience while home alone.

    Session sharing image

    Easy record sharing

    With Digital Dogsitter, you're not on your own in understanding your dog's behavior. Seamlessly share specific recordings and insights with friends, family, or your trainer.

    Recording notes and comments screenshot

    Training diary

    Keep notes of your dog's progress with our integrated diary feature. Document behaviors, milestones, or the odd adorable moments. You can share your observations with your trainer or keep them to yourself.

    Trainer's shared accounts list screenshot

    Tools for Trainers

    Are you a trainer yourself? Digital Dogsitter offers specialized tools designed just for professionals like you. Easy access to shared recordings and collaborative diary makes it easier than ever to work with dog owners for effective separation training. Read more about our tools for trainers.

    Does your dog have separation anxiety?

    Not all separation related problems are separation anxiety, that is a genetic syndrome and needs proper diagnosis. Want to know if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety?

    Why choose Digital Dogsitter?

    You need only a single device

    You don’t need multiple devices. A single device is enough to record your dog. Using multiple devices is also possible if you prefer!

    Works offline

    Digital Dogsitter is a cloud-based application, but it also works offline if you don’t have a reliable internet connection at home.

    No up-front costs

    It costs you absolutely nothing to try Digital Dogsitter. After the 5-day free trial, you can buy a subscription for $8 / month.

    Helps with dog training

    Digital Dogsitter is about much more than just the software. With our dog welfare surveys and articles, you can gain real insight into your dog's separation-related problems.

    No installation required

    The solution works straight from your web browser, with no installation required. Setting it up takes only a few clicks, and you can instantly see what your dog is doing while they're home alone.

    Developed with dog professionals

    We aim to provide the best possible help for dogs, so Digital Dogsitter is created in cooperation with the top separation anxiety experts.

    What our users say?

    Lance 3 years old

    Dogsitter was a huge relief to us, and Lance learned how to calm down listening to my voice. Nowadays, the dog copes being alone for a full workday, but I keep monitoring him with the software because of the epilepsy.

    Thank you for the great work on this software! It really saved us, the dog and the neighbors!

    Teija & Lance


    We have been extremely satisfied with Digital Dogsitter. It was easy to get started and it's fast to set up when leaving the dog alone.

    When returning home, it's comforting to know whether my dog has been barking alone or not, and how long it took for him to relax.

    Great invention!

    Saara & Zaba


    After our dog lost his dear friend, the neighbors told us that he is noisy when left alone. We recorded Musti and figured out that he was howling almost non-stop while we were away.

    Then we found Digital Dogsitter. Starting the software was easy and recording the audio clips worked nicely. In a week, Musti learned to calm down and not to howl while alone. Now he barks only a couple of times per day.

    Digital Dogsitter worked for us way better than the other options.

    Sara & Musti

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