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Licensing Info


Choose a subscription plan in "Buy a subscription" -page and click the Buy Now -button. If you have a discount code, enter it in the discount code field above the Buy Now -button.


A Stripe payment dialog opens where you can enter your email address and debit or credit card number. The subscription license will be tied and sent to the given e-mail, or in your Digital Dogsitter account in case you are logged in. Stripe will handle the payments securely, your card details are not transmitted to our servers. Accepting the payment in the dialog by clicking the Amount/Ok button will accept the payment and create a recurring subscription that will be charged from your card every time a new billing period starts.


When you have a subscription, you can use the Online service and also get a license for the Windows application.


The Digital Dogsitter Windows application is no longer maintained or developed further. We recommend that you use the Online service. The Online service works without continuous Internet connection too, as long as the device is connected when starting and ending the session. If you want, nevertheless, to use the windows Application, you can open up the Digital Dogsitter Windows app and enter the license code in the registration window. If the registration window does not pop up automatically on start up, you can open it manually from the "settings" tab. You can find your license code in your account subscriptions page.

Registering screenshot of winapp

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