The Digital Dogsitter Windows application is no longer maintained or developed further. We recommend that you use the Online service. The Online service works without continuous Internet connection too, as long as the device is connected when starting and ending the session.

Digital Dogsitter Windows Application is a standalone application that doesn't require Internet connection. It is thoroughly tested and has been in use for years. However, it lacks some of the new cool features of the Digital Dogsitter Online. If the Digital Dogsitter Online works well for you, you don't need the Windows Application.

Click on the start download link, and get your free version of Digital Dogsitter Windows App! Free trial version is functional for 7 days without any restrictions.

No registration needed! We believe in making things easy. It takes only one click to download!

If you find the software useful and want to continue using Digital Dogsitter, you can buy a subscription.


Click here to download free trial version of Digital Dogsitter Windows Application!


Quickstart guide has everything you need for a smooth and successful start with Digital Dogsitter windows Application.


From the user manual you will find all the details for configuring Digital Dogsitter the way you want.

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